What a year!

2020 has been absolutely insane. I pray everyone is doing ok. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone, especially those hard hit by COVID-19 with the loss of loved ones, their job, home, etc.

The CryptoSpecialistExchange will be ramping things back up in the near year.

CashFX continues to produce as expected and then some. The company has continued to grow at an amazing rate. They continue to improve on the whole system and have now entered into BETA testing the copy trading option, allowing those who qualify to make their own trades based off of the CashFX buy/sell triggers. In addtion, my $300 package, started in Nov 2019, has netted over $5,000 between returns and referrals.

CashFX results for the week of Dec 7-11

What another FABULOUS week of results here at CFX


Leveraging the right Technology with real Professional Forex Traders, Proprietary Software, and using winning proven strategies we get to share in the success

Monday 7 to Friday December 11 2020

The percent was 6.02% and depending on what Academy package you choose, here are the week’s #totals.

$300 = $12.64
$500 = $21.07
$1k = $42.14
$2k = $84.28
$3k = $126.42
$5k = $210.70
$7k = $294.98
$10k = $421.40
$15k = $632.10
$20k = $842.80
$30k = $1,264.20
$40k = $1,685.60
$50k = $2,107.00
$70k = $2,949.80
$100k = $4,214.00

*Trading on the Global Forex Market is risky, no past results can guarantee future profits in any type of real trading activity