January 2019 Stealth Lottery Coin Winners Paid

This morning 3 winners were selected in the Stealth Lottery Coin (STLC) lottery. Of course this brings us to the payouts for January’s entries:

1,000,000 Vegan Coin (VEGAN) – Winner 0x3df36b9748da346d00ae8d8d34f3cac0893e959c

100,000 Stealth Coin (STEALTH) – Winner 0xfe659c3045e39faf014e99f9ac4735afdac94bf6

10,000 Titan Global Holdings Ltd (TITAN) – Winner 0xaf7a8d29a56affdaaec1649da83e9256b185e7c4

Congratulations to the winners!!

This of course brings us to their reaction:

This video is NOT of the actual winner(s). As a result of seeing the video, you get a feel for their reaction.