Krost Coin (KRST) updates from Chelsea Krost; Short Q&A

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Krost Coin Mission and Meet The Team


In this post you will find a 🎥video from myself sharing more about my beginnings, the mission behind Krost Coin, and upcoming press to look out for.

You will also see a 🎥video from Krost Coin CFO, Jordan Weinstein, where he talks about transparency and how Krost Coin is the”Amazon Prime of Airdrops.”💰

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Chelsea Krost ✌🏼

Additionally there was a short Q&A session with Chelsea:

Bobby13: Big question for Chelsea, Jordan and Stuart. Chelsea, I get your programs for opening up opportunities for millennials and especially females, but how do u see that translating into token sales? Why would anyone want to buy a token? If u would plz share some of your ideas on how you plan to monetize your coin. Thx.

Chelsea Krost: Great question @bobby13

Reasons to buy the tokens:

– believe in the team behind Krost Coin
– invest in a company supported by stealth exchange
– invest in company supported by specialist organization
– invest in company who will license other coins to stealth exchange
– invest in company who will fund other social media Savy companies and have ownership in the coin
– invest in company that will offer wholesale investment buyback options
– invest in companies who take care of their investors and who have assisted in incentivising those investing
– invest in company who has had a long track record ,proven product and aggressively expanding

The landscape that KrostCoin is in (Millennials, Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and Women in Business) is trending and top of mind for all Investors and Venture Capitalists at this time and certainly for 2019 and beyond!

Here are 2 articles that reinforce the points above:

“25 Socially Strong Entrepreneurs Every VC Should Be Following
Here are 25 to follow and emulate—and what they’re doing to get noticed beyond disrupting the status quo”

“To Get Female Entrepreneurs To The Top, It’ll Take More Mentors”


Bobby13: All ur reasons listed above for investing in KRST are spot on. And that is why I’m a KRST investor but several of those have to do w Stealth Exchange and the Specialist market. I’m with u all the way. But… it would be so helpful if u could give me an example of an action u would do w a generic company where they would be buying ur token. I get ur business plan but don’t get how that translates into token sales. Thx

Chelsea Krost: a combination of traditional/digital marketing, social media, influencer marketing, podcasts, and broadcast interviews are all on the marketing agenda. In addition, the specialist team has a marketing agenda to enhance awareness and sales.

Bobby13: That’s all terrific but too general. It basically says “we’re going to do a lot of marketing/interviews in the social media space. If u can plz give me a specific example that u believe will drive sales of Tokens. If I’m marketing ur coin to friends and associates and I tell them what u just told me in ur posts they would say,and have said, to me – the same question. They not understand how any of things u have told me makes someone want to buy the token. I can’t tell myself when asked that question because I don’t know. Plz plz give me some examples because so far I have not heard any compelling reason to purchase the token.

Chelsea Krost: You’ll have to stay tuned.

Source: Copied directly from chat room.