Bunch of very exciting updates

Specialist Exchanges HUB Round Logo

PINAYcoin average downs expected to be completed by 1/19/19

PINAYpay on track for a Feb launch

Casino Rewards Coin is expected to go live on or before Jan 14th, 2019

TKEX (Trakcoin Exchange) is almost ready, tentative mid Jan ‘go live’ date

Jumpwav as previously mentioned is looking at Jan 15th ‘go live’ date

Major expansion of chat rooms to bring liquidity to the Specialist Markets

A number of promoters will be joining the mix, from stocks to mlm and more, all focused on the Specialist Market

Fox Business segment is just around the corner (Tentative Jan 20th, 2019). Initial coins being covered: TRKC, KRST and the new Casino Rewards Coin

Additional exchanges are in the works and individuals/companies are already in various stages of discussions/implementations

There are some stock brokerage firms looking to join in with Stealth Exchange: AvaTrade and Questrade are 2 of them

There is going to be a tie-in between BisonApp and Stealth Exchange
( https://www.specialistexchanges.com/borse-stuttgart-german-stock-exchange-will-power-the-new-bison-app/ )

Between Trakcoin Exchange and PINAYpay both coming online soon, I’m expecting to see a significant increase in trading activity. 2019 is here, are you ready?

ETH game changer coming: