Crypto Specialist Exchange Highlights PDX Coin

A copy of CSE’s release:

Crypto Specialist Exchange Launches and Highlights PDX Coin

Crypto Specialist Exchange (CSE), a new specialist driven cryptocurrency platform, is proud to announce completion of beta testing and moves from development to production environment. CSE’s platform is initially focused on ethereum and trading ERC-20 tokens with additional coin/token support to follow. CSE is a specialist driven platform, not a peer-to-peer platform.

CSE currently uses MetaMask (Web3) wallet, including support for Trust wallet.

One of the exciting benefits of Crypto Specialist Exchange is the ability to participate in new token listings whithout being locked in to specific hold periods or waiting for a listing on an exchange for new companies.

Crypto Specialist Exchange reviews all companies before approval of a listing. This approval process includes KYC, AML and additional due diligence.

One new listing on CSE, PDX Coin, is currently in an ICO capital raise period. By being listed on Crypto Specialist Exchange, traders are able to participate outside of the ‘ICO’ on an actual exchange.

An overview of PDX coin:

PDX Coin is an asset-backed digital currency, and one of the few true utility coins, that is at the core of a powerful new banking and financial services ecosystem based on encrypted and permissionless peer-to-peer payments and money transfers, globally, that solves multiple problems.

PDX is also backed by certified oil and gas reserves, making it one of the few digital currencies in the world backed by hard assets. PDX will disrupt the global payments processing industry, and the way banking is conducted, particularly between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.

PDX’s banking, exchange, and payments processing capabilities will feed off each other, which in turn will lead to massive user adoption in the consumer and commercial worlds. That will lead to large-scale and increasing acceptance of PDX Coin as a means of payment, by merchants of goods and services, globally, which leads back to increasing consumer acceptance of PDX as both a means of payment, and store of value. PDX is being built out on a global scale.

Over the coming weeks, educational material on cryptocurrencies as a whole, as well as specialist trading and platform specific materials will be released on the website as well as news releases, social media and various other outlets.


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About Crypto Specialist Exchange

The Crypto Specialist Exchange (CSE) is an exchange primarily focused on a specialist driven trading model. This model deviates from the more prevalent peer to peer model. Our specialized trading model uses a single market maker model, not too dissimilar to how the NYSE operates, while further enhancing the market makers control.