Crypto Specialist Exchange has launched

Here is a copy of CSE’s launch announcement:

Crypto Specialist Exchange Completes Beta Phase and Officially Launches

Crypto Specialist Exchange (CSE), a new specialist driven cryptocurrency platform, is proud to announce completion of beta testing and moves from development to production environment.


New users can register with the following promo code for some extras: NUINTRO

Over the coming weeks, educational material on cryptocurrencies as a whole, as well as platform specific material will be released on the website, news releases, social media and various other outlets.

We can be reached via

About CSE
The Crypto Specialist Exchange (CSE) is an exchange primarily focused on a specialist driven trading model. This model deviates from the more prevalent peer to peer model.

A typical exchange works off of the peer to peer model, allowing for buyers and sellers to control the price with limited, if any, market maker input. Our specialized trading model uses a single market maker model, not too dissimilar to how the NYSE operates, while further enhancing the market makers control. This helps secure both investor interest and token pricing from the usual manipulations found on other exchanges.