11/21 Chatter

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KRST Chelsea Krost has returned from her trip to Asia and is expected to introduce herself and provide some updates on road map, etc in the coming days (after Thanksgiving). Additionally, KRST is looking to help CDNO ‘s fire charity, supporting the people affected by the devastating ‘Camp Fire’ in northern California.

TRKC wholesale component software continues development with potentially 2 types of wholesale transactions.. a ‘small’ and a ‘large’ transaction type. This is a developing story.

PNAY is planning to reward the first 90 coin holders with approx $22 bonus ($2,000 split among 90 original holders). See their Instagram for the details.

In an unexpected leap ahead on PNAY‘s road map, PinayPay is in development, slated for a Feb 5th 2019 ‘live’ date. This will enable wholesale (at a discount yet to be determined) buyback of PNAY from coin holders. Additional information is located on their Instagram page.

Head on over to the Recordings page for the 11/21 audio updates from Jay King.

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